By Pastor Andrew Bawa

"Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it" Habakkuk 2: 2(NKJV)

Bible Readings: Isaiah 65, Psalms 85: 8, Jeremiah 52: 20. 

We don't only have to hear what he says but also we have to LISTEN because we actually want to grow and not just because you want to be defensive. After you have done everything, God will answer. Answer doesn't mean speaking. What you need this year is answers.
The word of God peels off the layers of our issues, hypocrisy, doubts, fears, depression, etc bit by bit. If you have these layers and you don't want God to touch it, he cannot answer.

There is a difference between speaking and answering and sometimes we need both. When you call upon God, he will answer. He will acknowledge you. Many people are looking for answers to your prayers but you need speaking as well. Until God speaks, you cant walk in the vision. You want God to speak, then listen to your heart. The spirit of man is the candlelight of God. Many people miss their destiny because of offence. What you speak to yourself is what you get. God will only speak in concurrence with what you are speaking to yourself. There will be a day after you have done everything that God will break his silence. Until you watch in a place of prayer, watch & listen for corrections, then the Lord will answer & speak.


Prophecies For 2017
• If NextGen members would decide to stand out & become outstanding irrespective of what people would say, then God wouldn't just answer, he would speak. He would articulate our destinies, assert their businesses, break His silence that he has been holding for long.
• This year God would communicate and convey with you. Jesus would convey your matter before God. (Jesus would say He has paid for me).
• God would declare your case this year. 
• God would deliver you from every affliction of the enemy.
• God would discuss your matter in the presence of the trinity this year.
• God would speak for you this year when you find that you cannot speak anymore (God would suspend the natural loss and introduce the supernatural).
• Some things are coming expressly your way this year.
• This year you are going forward. You will never know a better last year, yesterday, last month. 
• This year, God would make you known. This year, God is bending low to make you higher.
• Whatever would take you out of His presence, God would modulate.
• This year, there would be overnight breakthroughs in your entire life.
• This year, the Lord would announce you.
• God would pronounce what you cannot pronounce in 2017.
• This year, God would use you to boast.