While We Waited

By Tobi Nifesi

It is amazing how much you can learn while waiting.

The essence of the internet is to provide you with information – not necessarily when you need them but – whenever you feel like you need them. Many at times, we get that feeling (to go online) when we are idle, inactive or waiting.

But, we can’t blame the internet. It has taught us so much that, in a way, we can appreciate our idleness, inactivity or waiting periods a bit more.

So, while we waited, we learnt/got something. 

As a student, I learnt how to be patient the hard way. For almost every test or exam I wrote, I had to wait a while before the results came out. That waiting period, which could range from days to months, was one of my pet peeves in school.

During that period, I would go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Right after the exam, I would be relieved to be done. Regardless of how complex or easy the exam was, I would be at complete ease but it only lasted for a while.

As I waited, my relief was replaced by realism, facts and memories. I began to remember the mistakes I made while writing the exam. I would acknowledge the fact that, realistically, my lecturer should fail me. Realistically, I should not expect 100%.

Then, I would panic. I would go from being a realist to being a pessimist – expecting the worst. Sometimes, I would slap myself out of my pessimism and hold on to the faith that my results will come out great but most times, I remained a pessimist and faithless to the end. I went from being confident in my strides to staggering, from being at ease to being fearful and to losing hope.

James, the brother of Jesus, wrote a letter to Jewish Christians who were being persecuted and were waiting on their freedom. He encouraged them to be joyful as they went through different challenges, trials and tests. He wanted them to be cheerful during their waiting period; and he told them why.

By waiting, their faith was being tested. That process made them learn how to be patient and with their patience paved the way for completion and abundance. As they patiently waited and allowed their faith to be tested and exercised, they worked and pushed on towards a perfect result.

So, while they waited, they learnt/got something.

As a student, I learnt that the real test comes after the exam. My patience came from being hopeful and holding on to my faith. I needed to test my faith to become patient and patience kept me going till I graduated.

For every perfect result, there is a waiting period. What you do during that waiting period, determines the nature of the result. While you wait, allow your faith to be tested and remain patient.

Action Point: Cheer up and test your faith. Stop thinking realistically, start thinking by faith.

Biblical Inspiration: James 1:2-4

Tobi Nifesi

believer. content creator. 

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