Forgetting The Past

By Pastor Matthew Kassim

Are you stuck in your past?

This question might be hard to grasp but the reality is that some people may be present and yet be living in moments past. To forget is to, intentionally, disregard or overlook an event. It is necessary to disregard past events – good or bad - to keep moving forward. 

If we keep dwelling on past successes or failures, we will not dig deeper, move on and work harder to reach our potentials. If we do not let go of the old, we will never be able to embrace the new.

Your history does not matter, what really matters is what lies ahead of you. It is up to you to make a choice and take that step to move away from your past. This would involve walking with God and trusting that He will guide your path as you go.  Trust He has a better future in store for you and He is working behind the scenes on your behalf.

As you forget what lies behind, press forward and walk with God, you will begin the experience His provision and abundance in ways that you cannot comprehend.

Say this word of prayer - Father, I choose to forget the past today. I don’t want anything to hold me back from the good future You have prepared for me. I choose forgiveness and ask that You help me by Your Spirit to press forward in every area of my life in Jesus name, Amen.

Action Point: Ask God for the grace to move on and not be stuck in your past.

Biblical Inspiration: Philippians 3:13

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