Do Nothing

By Dorcas Dariya

When you take swimming lessons, one of the few things you learn is that the human body is about 72% water. This means that any human should be able to float easily. Our lungs, filled with air gives additional buoyancy to our body. Overall, we have an advantage in water. 

Research shows that if a person is drowning, they ought to remain calm and allow their body to utilize its natural floating capabilities. This will keep their head above the water, letting them breathe. 

So basically, do nothing. Interesting!

Why do people drown even when they are aware of these facts? I’ll tell you why. They panic. Okay, that’s understandable. Your body goes into survival mode. That’s good, but not in this particular situation. The only way to save a person, who is panicking and drowning in water, is to let them near-drown. When they stop all rapid movements, they can easily be towed ashore and resuscitated. Risky, don’t you think? The other course of action is to throw them a lifeline. 

Relaxing or staying calm is easier said than done, especially when you're in a life and death situation but confidence in what you know and believe - keyword “believe” - is what saves you. You can know yet not believe; this construct is one I will address in detail as you read on. 

When we find ourselves drowning in life, we cry out to God to save us, all the while flapping our hands and grasping on to anything but his outstretched hand. When it seems like God is silent as we drown in all our worries, in those moments, He is waiting for us to find ‘the courage to do nothing’. When it seems like we might be lost before he - the lifeguard - gets to us, he throws us a word-line. As long as you surrender your will - do nothing - and grab that word, it will reel you in. 

“...In the vast emptiness of my mind, I swam in oceans resembling perdition. Reaching out to everything and nothing I fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of fear. Then I stopped. There was no strength left in me.  It was then I looked up as if for one last time.  I saw it.  The word-line. I grabbed on to it and slowly felt a tug as I drifted slowly to shore. I had stopped struggling…” 

“O ye of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31b This was Jesus’ statement and question to Peter after Peter started to sink - and it is astounding. 

‘O ye of little faith...’ He could have stopped there. But then he asked, ‘why did you doubt?’ 
Why would Peter or any of Jesus’ disciples would still find reason to doubt after he had given a word. He instructed Peter to walk on water with one word, “Come”
Jesus had proven to his disciples that there is a power at Jesus’ disposal of a magnitude never seen before. So what was a little wind to a man who defied the odds and walked on water, gave life to the dead and opened blind eyes? 

What is that wind to you as he empowers you to walk on water towards him? This is the word-line I hold on to. What’s God’s word-line to you?

An excerpt from Dorcas Dariya’s upcoming book

Action Point: What is that wind to you as he empowers you to walk on water towards him? This is the word-line I hold on to. What’s God’s word-line to you?

Biblical Inspiration: Matthew 14:22-33

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