Seperation Before Elevation

By Emem Ukpong

And God saw that the light was good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it; and God separated the light from the darkness. - Genesis 1:4.

One of the first orders of business in the creation story was the separation of light from darkness. Why go through the trouble?

God could have just mish mashed everything together and still ended up with the same result. He could, but He didn't. God, in His sovereign wisdom, was setting precedence for the lives of His children.

Every true child of God will have to go through some form of separation just as Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Joseph and David, amongst others, did. They all have different stories but the process is eerily similar. 

I, particularly, love the story of David! Before he became the leader of the great nation of Israel, he was a mere shepherd boy who led and took care of a herd of sheep. Before he had the privilege of sharing his psalms/hymns with the rest of the world, he had an audience of God and - you guessed it - sheep! 

I can’t imagine the countless hours he spent playing and practicing music alone in the field. But God saw all that and knew he had the right heart to lead His people. God needed to separate David unto Himself. 1 Samuel 13:14. 

David, even after being anointed King by Samuel – a great man of God went back to tending sheep. What a humbling experience! Biblical scholars say, after being anointed, it took 15 years before David eventually assumed the throne. 

Separation is a place of preparation, growth and maturation. It will look very different for everyone. It is a weeding out of everything else in our lives until all that is left is God.

Separation is that which is between a promise and its manifestation. Many at times, it is very difficult to experience separation. It could be really hard to make sense of it.  

Try as we may, there are no shortcuts or escaping those times. We must go through them. We must go through separation. As we do so, we must rely on God’s grace to see us through every step of the way. 

Our faith is tested and stretched, humility is birthed, strength of character is formed and giants are aroused in the place of separation. Key biblical figures and giants of faith experienced elevation, after separation, and so will you!

Action Point: Ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to separate from. Your obedience might very well be the key to your elevation!

Biblical Inspiration: 1 Samuel 16