By Pastor Ayo Elijah

"For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1: 37 (NKJV)

Bible Readings: Luke 1: 26-38, Matt 7.

You are going to hit a season in your life where you will run out of your own human limitation. You need to believe in a miracle before it comes. The advent season teaches us that God is a God that is amazingly interested in your everyday life. Real wisdom and knowledge come from God. Don’t be a critical people but you can be a critical thinker because at a point, you will need a miracle. When you don’t understand it, you begin to give credit to the universe for what God has done. Miracle is an inexplainable anomaly that is orchestrated by the eternal. A miracle is when God makes something happen that couldn’t happen, shouldn’t happen and wouldn’t happen unless he made it happen. Sometimes we get miracles and we don’t realize that we are getting it. 

Three prerequisites for miracle.

⁃ Failure: There would be no need for a miracle if there is no problem or if it’s a problem you can solve. 

⁃ Favour: Unmerited favour; it’s a preferential treatment you don’t deserve. Favour is what God uses to get what he has for you. It doesn’t come at anyone’s expense. If you don’t get favour from anyone, then you don’t need it from them. Favour is when God puts flavour in your life. 

⁃ Faith: 

Miracles exists! You don’t earn a miracle, it only comes from God. God gives it to you.