By Evangelist Ayo Olatunji

"For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren." Romans 8: 29 (NKJV).

Bible Readings: Romans 12: 2, 1 Samuel 17, Proverbs 23: 7, Genesis 13: 10, Isaiah 14: 12-19, Mathew 5: 15-16, 2 Corinthians 3: 5-7, Ephesians 5: 1, 2 Corinthians 3: 1-5, John 8: 34, Psalm 101: 5, 1 Peter 3: 10, Psalm 34: 13, Mathew 5: 28, Ezekiel 18: 4, Proverbs 11: 20, John 17: 17, Galatians 5: 23, Jude 1: 20, Acts 1: 8, Isaiah 59: 19, Revelation 12: 11, Zechariah 9: 11, Proverbs 11: 13, James 1: 3-4, Luke 16: 12, Psalm 29: 9.

Everywhere you go in life, you need godly character. Character is a personality, so a man cannot be differentiated from his character. 

God's nature is in us and he wants us to portray him. Your character is key. If you lack a godly character, all your years of Christianity is wasted. A mans beauty in life is a function of his or her character. Your character can be perceived. The totality of man is his character. The character of a leader is the function of how the people under the leader will behave. Character is a lifestyle and not a reputation. Godly character is a possibility. Sometimes God wants to fill the gap in our lives with character for where he is about to take you to. Character matters!

Character development is enhancement of godly nature embedded in a believer by new birth and the Holy Spirit. 

Component of character;

⁃ Thoughts: to change your situation, change the way you think and your thinking pattern.

⁃ Imaginations: the ability to create your mental picture in your mind.

⁃ Attitude: mass deposition or tendency. It is something in the inside that find characters out. 

⁃ Action: expression of your character. Your character and you are inseparable!

Character is not a gift, it is only rooted in the word of God. You have to work character out, it is not a gift. You know a godly character by the motive of the heart. 

Importance of character development;

⁃ To possibly show believers as the light of the world.

⁃ Help believers grow and become more like God.

⁃ To display believers as a letter for the world to read.

⁃ To enhance the flow of God's power in believers. 

Ungodly character to avoid;

⁃ Dishonesty: insincerity and false hood. It destroys people's trust in you.

⁃ Slandering: utterance of false image of someone to make them look bad, can causes you to loose respect amongst people. 

⁃ Deceit: presenting a lie as the truth.

⁃ Cheating: taking what doesn't belong to you by force. You will eventually loose all you have.

⁃ Lust: lusting after worldly things separates you from God. 

⁃ Pride: over estimation of self which in turn causes lack of disrespect of others.

⁃ Covetousness: wanting what others have will destroy your destiny. To overcome, you have to be content.

Weapons to overcome include; The word of God, The name of Jesus, The Holy Spirit and The blood of Jesus.

Qualities of a godly character are; Honesty, Integrity, Servanthood, Humility, meekness and Diligence.