By Pastor Andrew Bawa

"When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place." Acts 2: 1 (NKJV)

Bible Readings: Acts 2: 17, Proverbs 29: 18, Habakkuk 2, Ephesians 1: 17-18, Habakkuk 3:2, 

Pentecost is the birth of a church. The coming of the Holy Ghost gave birth to the church. The beginning of Pentecost is the beginning of the Holy Ghost. We are in the latter days of the last days. The Holy Ghost came to give us a new meaning, hope and life. The Holy Ghost came so that young men shall see vision. Are you living the vision?

Vision is what brought you to where you are. A mental picture of your future. The reason why things are not working for you is because you are not walking in your vision. The Holy Ghost came to show you the picture of what you can do. Vision is not of this earthy realm. Your vision is given to you in high speed that your natural language cannot understand and the speaking in tongues is given to speak your future. It is not about your age but what you carry.

The young people see the possibility, purpose, and uncharted territory. If you can see it God will feel in you and the Holy Spirit to actualize it. If God can show it to you he can give it to you. God will not allow you to see it without giving it to you. Stretch your imaginations. If you see it God will give it to you. When you see do you believe it? Vision interprets whatis in the supernatural to the natural. What is it God told you he will give you this year? On this day of Pentecost do you believe it?

⁃ Believe: God can only work if you believe it. The Holy Ghost is the translator of Vision. Whateve you see God gives you. You will carry a takeover mentality. When you looks round you what do you see? Whatever you are able to solve is apart of what you Really created to solve

⁃ Behave it: If you believe it then start acting like you do. Once you believe and start behaving it, people will leave you. You lose them because they were not meant for your vision. Cut away from the people in your past. Some can only relate to where you were, not where you are going. Some could only relate when you spoke the same language.

⁃ Become it: whatever you believe as long as you behave it, very soon you start manifesting it; you become it. God gave us Pentecost to become what he destined for us to be. There is a groaning inside of you that is a language of your tomorrow. This is who you are believe it and start acting it.

All things are possible to those who believe.