Faith Upgrade

By Pastor Andrew Bawa

"And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.” Luke 22: 31-32 (NKJV)

Bible Readings: John 4: 6, Malachi 3: 6, Philippians 4: 13, Galatians 4: 1, Hebrews 11: 1.

The greatest tragedy is not the shouting of the loss of anything but for someone to end a year depressed. The greatest mishap is for someone to enter a year happy but end it depressed with little or no faith.

There are times we do things and find ourselves tired. Being tired is not the issue but where you stopped when tired. It’s okay if you find yourself weary or tired but what you do when that happens is what matters. Why are you tired now? Who are you surrounding yourself when you are tired? When you are tired, your guard is out & when your guard is down, that is when the devil strikes. Why are you giving up right now? If God’s plan is to give you what he desires to give you at a particular time & you are tired, you loose that privilege and can only get it back by his mercies. Why is your faith failing now after all you have been through?

The challenges you face are not meant to break your faith but mend it & make it stronger. Only people that stand till the end are going to be rewarded. It’s not how you start the race that matters. Heaven did not just send you to earth to start but to also finish. Jesus says he prays for you. God is not praying for you for what you want but for what you need and what you need is faith.

The reason why God hasn’t answered some of your prayers is because you have downgraded your faith. Whatever is yours will always be yours, your faith is what matters. Your faith speaks! It’s either you are managing your faith, downgrading it or upgrading it.

Upgrade your faith!

Why should I pray?

By Pastor Drew Ugbogbo

"Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church." Acts 12: 5 (NKJV)

Bible Readings: Acts 12: 1-5,  Psalms 115: 12, Matthew 6: 5, 1 Thessalonians 5: 17, Luke 18: 1, Daniel 2: 13-21, Daniel 2: 46, Isaiah 62: 6, Exodus 32: 13, 2 Chronicles 7: 1, James 5: 17, 1 kings 17: 7, Exodus 2: 23, Matthew 7: 7, Luke 9: 10, Isaiah 43: 4. Zephaniah 3: 17-19. Psalms 103: 4, Psalm 22: 2, Matthew 11: 12.

God is not moved by emotions or tears, he is moved by your faith, prayers and confidence in his word. Wake up to your God given authority. God expect his children to be in constant communication with heaven.Jesus knew that we would experience storms of life so that’s why he admonished us to pray. It all depends on your prayer life. It is your prayer life that determines the outcome; victory or disappointment. The reason you are lazy in your prayer life is because you are comfortable. 

⁃ We pray to exert a restraining order against every satanic devices working contrary to God’s agenda.

⁃ We pray so all the forces of hell bow before us. 

⁃ We pray to stop the fear of God to the heat of those planning our destruction. 

⁃ We pray so that believing souls know that we serve a living God.

⁃ We pray to defile the laws of men against our beliefs.

⁃ We pray to defile the gods of this world. 

⁃ We pray to maintain daily victory

⁃ We pray to showcase the superior power against the inferior 

⁃ We pray for god to defeat the words and words of elites over our lives.

⁃ We pray to put God in remembrance of his promises.

⁃ We pray in order for God to hasten to perform his works in our lives.

- We pray to experience the fire of the holy ghost in all aspects of our life.  

- We pray to invoke the supreme power of God to overturn and overthrow the laws of the world.

- We pray to put our assigned angels on notice about kingdom mandate. 

We should pray with a serious intention to see change. We should pray to seriously place a demand to stop or change something. It takes prayer for the prophetic declarations on our life to come to fruition.,Until you cry a cry of desperation God will not render help. Our open mouth renders the miracle. Prayer suspends and releases natural laws. 

You don’t speak to the devil when your knees have not been burnt at the prayer alter.

Down but not out

By Pastor Andrew Bawa

"So they picked up Jonah and threw him into the sea, and the sea ceased from its raging." Jonah 1: 15 (NKJV)

Bible Readings: Jonah 1: 1-3, 1 Corinthians 15: 9, Micah 7: 8, Jonah 2.

You may be down but you are not out!

God's design is to move you forward, but in life, you realize you are moving backwards. Every time you are discouraged in life, you will be going down. If you don't address the issue, it takes you further down away from your purpose in life.

Discouragement is a spirit because it leads to depression. Once you are discouraged, you need to address it immediately. Many a times, God wants to do things in our life but we get discouraged. If God speaks something to you and you don't like it, instead of fleeing or keeping quiet, talk to him. God likes to talk to you and have conversations.

Every assignment has an adversary. What is it that has kept you down? Somehow in life, everybody gets to this level (a level where they are discouraged) but not everybody stays there; they don't allow the discouragement to overwhelm them. It's not your falling that is the issue, it's what you do when you are down there that matters. Do you have strength to pray when you are low? Prayer is the weapon you need. Pray anyways whether you feel like it or you don't. 

What is prayer? Prayer is a conversation. It is your thoughts back to God and God talking to you. When the enemy wants to attack you, the first thing he does is to cut off your prayer life. There is nothing inside of you that God doesn't know but you not saying it to him, is stopping your miracle.

Even when you are down, don't forget to praise God. If you can give God the praise at the lowest point of your life, he will raise you up. What makes you rise up is your passion. If you can only hold on to God, he will take you to your place of fulfillment and purpose. God is able to change your night into day if you can only praise him and worship him there. When you surrender, God takes you to your place.

The hardest thing to do is to thank God when you are down.

Elevation by Sacrificial Living

By Pastor Andrew Bawa

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." - Isaiah 40:31 (NKJV)

Bible Readings:  Ezra 8: 21-23, Esther 4: 16-17;  5: 1, Matthew 6: 16; 17: 21, Isaiah 58: 6-14, Psalm 102: 13-15, Hebrew 4: 16.

To be elevated, you have live a life of sacrifice. A sacrificial lifestyle involves fasting. The length of your fasting is as important as the actual act or process of fasting. Fasting helps you grow spiritually and physically.

Fasting is a challenge to many because they are not desperate enough. If you are not willing to take measure of your destiny, nobody will. Desperate situations require desperate measures. You have to pay the price to to be elevated. You can either pay now and play later or play now and pay later with interest.

If you want to go higher, you must be willing to fast. If you want to go faster, you must be willing to fast. To go higher, you must travel light. Fasting helps you shed some unnecessary emotional, physical and psychological weight. 

Fasting takes away unbelief, strengthens your faith, amplifies your voice, gives you dominion in the spirit realm over forces of darkness, creates room in your life for God, gives you faster access to God's throne room, prepares you for the unprecedented and unexpected, gives your prayers speedy response and nullifies oppositions to unanswered prayers. 

When you fast, make sure you pray boldly and faithfully, stay focused on why you are fasting, study the word of God, meditate, avoid distraction, enter God's presence with thanksgiving and pray for the advancement of God's kingdom.