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Pastor Ezekiel Atang

This June, NextGen Worship Centre will be hosting Pastor Ezekiel Atang of God’s House of Refuge.


Pastor Ezekial Atang has remained a major voice in Nigeria in Marriage and Youth matters which has given rise to his pioneering the largest singles converge in southern Nigeria, "Singles FrankTalk". His doubt dissolving teaching and healing ministry has singled him out: a vessel greatly sought after the world over. 

God has used him in diverse ways to minister to young adults and couples. His messages has imparted several lives and helped them build Christ-centered relationships. 

At this program, Pastor Atang will be delivering teachings about romantic principles, signs of a healthy marriage, identifying and dealing with marriage spoilers and the finding process (how to find and how to be found)

Come and discover God's purpose for your relationships and marital life. 

Ministering: Pastor Ezekiel Atang (Founder of God’s House of Refuge, Nigeria)

Date: June 23th to June 26th